The Evolution of a Story Idea

When it’s in your head . . .

then when you write it.


Congratulations to the 2018 Scholastic Winners!

Congratulations to the students (and their teachers) from schools in the Deep South whose work was honored with a Gold Key in the 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Competition!


Jordan Brazell
Elisa Castaneda
Kevin McClafin
Micah Williams


Michael Adaba
Caroline Bower
Monica Chang
Cyan D’anjou
Esha Dhawan
Yuzhu Dong
Alexander Durrence
Maggie Fei
Junmole James
Michelle Jeong
Kayla Lum
Lilah Krugman
Thomas Kwon
Rachel Laird
Sarah Lee (2)
Seungwin Lee
Yoosung Lee
Haleigh Lessard
Stephanie Lopez
Arantza Popo
Sophie Reiss
Mary Seol
Kelsey Smith
Ever Taylor
Emma Traynor
Amie Xu
Zhimei Xu
Minjung Yu
Emily Zhang


Zoe Barthelemy
Zoe Carter
Mary Hemphill
Jordan Jones
Esperanza Milla
Akilah Toney
Emily Trinh
Poet Wolfe
Jessica Xu


Alauran Allen
Shelly Castilaw
Lucie Cooper (2)
Aidan Dunkelberg
Khyan Freelon
Jon Godbold
Victoria Gong
Lilly Hunt
Brandon Miller
Helen Peng
Moriah Roland

South Carolina

Logan Baker
Vicky Brown (2)
Alex Clifford
Kylie Cordell (2)
Isabella Eraula
Isabel Estrada
Quinn Filler
Aidan Forster (2)
Kate Grayson
Charlie Hastings
Leo Horton
Kamya Johnson
Malachi Jones
Lauren Lesley
Christinia Lewis (2)
Ronshaye Lincoln
Marshall Peace
Emma Sargent
Logan Shainswald
Charlotte Shuler (2)
Olivia Sisson (2)
Meredith Tomlinson
Kendall Vorhis (2)
Layla Wheelon
Sandy Zhang