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Writing 101: Competitions and Cash 

Write the World is a website, designed for young writers ages 13 to 18, that not only gives writing practice to teen writers, but also holds monthly competitions that give out cash prizes. Upcoming competitions are:

  • October: Interview
  • November: Novel Writing
  • December: My December
  • January: Album Review
  • February: Environmental Writing
  • March: Op-Ed Writing
  • April: Poetry/Spoken Word
  • May: Food Writing
  • June: Science Fiction
  • July: Travel Writing
  • August: Personal Narrative

Write the World features the writing process with peer reviews, workshops, and editing that mimics the process taught in schools. The site is showing teenagers how writing exists in the real world for those who are willing to take the time and write. And who wouldn’t write for a chance at $50 or $100 a month? The amazing things about their contests are the exposure they provides young writers and the variety of prompts, which change yearly.

On Write the World, users also have the chance to write in groups or make groups of their own, all of the user’s writing, whether a post or a draft, gets put into a portfolio. Write The World is also teacher friendly, and several of the groups on the website are run by teachers.