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Opinion: Picture = Thousand Words / Thousand Words = Picture

As aspiring writers and artists here at newsprung, we appreciate pictures and words! Since we are studying art and literature, we come across things that may be a little harder than we thought. Even though people can argue which one is better or harder, art and writing are very similar or even aid each other in a magnificent way.

The formula: Picture = Thousand Words / Thousand Words = Picture. Very true. Art and literature help us to analyze and to understand a lot in society. They helps us to better understand the past, to enjoy and live in the present, and to theorize about the future.

In the time of cave paintings, when people had no written language, they could “write” something by depicting what they did. Through drawings and pottery they subtlety explained things, and they helped us know what they did and what they believed in.

When people did finally create language, it was because they understood that they needed a better way. With the development of writing systems, they could better manage resources and communicate. In today’s society, we have many talented people who need to understand the things they are doing before they pursue them.

Some artists and writers expect us to think about what they have presented and ponder on it. They want us to theorize, and that really fuels it all. Complex stories and vivid, strange pieces of art are produced and it’s all up to us to try on our own.

Let’s hop into the future! We all assume that it is going to be better through new innovations, and we see that demonstrated in plenty of novels that describe what an advanced society might look like. Artistic, imaginative people are ready right now to make changes, to makes an idea come true from their blueprints.

Though a writer can draw out a character with description provided in a book or novel, there are still gaps, and those can be either be good or bad. We have the ability to imagine characters or create theories in our minds, yet without long, detailed description, those characters might be different in everyone else’s heads. People in both situations would disagree about what other people think, which could cause confusion or side taking. But, all in all, it’s actually good because we want the consumers of your work to have that freedom!

The next similarity is about the early process. With early showcasings of drafts and sketches of work, parts will be missing, which we expect. Yet, too many missing parts add to the confusion of something that’s not done. Without a finished picture/story, you can’t say much about it. Why? Simply because you don’t know how the finished product looks like. You can’t harshly judge something that’s not finished because you don’t know how it will turn out. If you want to make a summary or give an excerpt of the story you are just letting people see what the story is about and what content it contains. With art you do the same thing. In both of things you are letting people see what you are working towards or trying, even though the end product is what matters.

There are also misconceptions. More often than they do about art, people think that writing is easy. However, there is a difference between writing and writing well. While people envy others who can draw well, neither of these is easy. Both need dedication and patience. An idea could be good, but not well-executed. It’s important to know what you’re doing. Both writer and artist have to know what they want in order to make revisions. It’s hard to do something well.

In modern society, people have varying views on art and writing. Children may or may not enjoy reading, but that can be caused by boring textbooks and classroom articles that discourage them. They think it’s too hard to understand, and they think it’s unnecessary. (Not trying to blame the teachers!) But it’s not that we don’t like reading. Once we find something that we think is cool, we’re hooked! This usually comes in the form of our favorite shows’ scripts which produce the visuals of the characters in action. There is writing in things that we don’t recognize. Likewise, some people think art is just something to look at, while they ignore the meaning. They just look at the image, and . . . if it’s good, they like it, and if it’s easy to comprehend, that’s what they focus on. But we need to look at the mysterious beauty of art that seems bland or weird. That’s that same way with words . Some things people make have a different feel and message and mean so much more than they say!

Writing has the power of describing pictures. Pictures have the power of making that description come to life. They work for each other and work well with each other. Without writing or art, life would be boring. we think in words and we imagine in pictures. They both work together to make everything different and exhilarating!

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