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Is it an art though?

For some time, the four categories of “fine art” have been visual art, theater, dance, and music. Creative writing as a discipline has been excluded from this group, like the outcast in a ’90s teen movie. Despite what many people believe — that writing is an art — and despite it being vital to creating other forms of art that currently exist, current disciplinary distinctions do not include creative writing with other arts.

Someone who may obviously be in favor of it being considered a real art is a Creative Writing student. I took the liberty to interview a fellow (and much more poetic) writer, Stephanie Lopez, and posed the question: Do you think writing should be considered an art ?

Passionately, she responded, “I believe writing should be considered an art because it comes from the endless imagination of the writer. Authors always manage to paint a picture for their readers, which is quite difficult to accomplish. Often writing is the base to some arts such as theater. Scripts have to be written before there can be a show. So I feel like writing is an art, like theater and dance.”

What do you think: should writing should be considered a “fine art”? Or is writing simply a trade or a craft? Do you believe that the task is too easy, or do you not like writing? Could you argue that it is not the foundation for many other artworks in everyday life?