Introducing #typingtuesday, a new series by #btwmagnet Creative Writing


How many times do you scream and bang on your keyboard at two o’clock in the morning as you scramble to piece together the writing assignment that’s due the next morning?  Has backspace ever become your best friend when your fatigued brain can’t compute that perfect sentence? Or do you treat backspace like an enemy?

“Why do I do this to myself?”

Do you say that as well? Have you ever been full of sorrow and regret, with wet freckled cheeks as your fingers pecked the keyboard, trying to accomplish the world’s most difficult assignment? Or what about when you forgot to save your work (even though you were constantly reminded to)? Or worse has Google Docs ever shut down on you and your only copy of your essay was saved there?


What about that? Have you ever exclaimed joyfully and fallen back in your chair as soon as you finish the last wonderrful sentences in your 20-paged essay?

Well, we have. And we want to share our frustrations and our glee with you.

Introducing #typingtuesday, a new weekly series on newsprung that will show the physical embodiment of the emotions we have toward our keyboards! Every Tuesday we will post a new video, an image, or maybe a GIF that illustrates one of the many moods that writers display on our keyboards. We all can relate to these emotions while completing a writing assignment, so stay tuned!