School Garden @ BTWMHS

Booker T. Washington Magnet High School’s School Garden sits at the southwest corner of the campus. Since the soil is not exactly planting material, those partaking in the garden got creative, building makeshift beds, a compost pile, and using pots to let their plants grow. The completely organic garden gets all of their plants from Harwell’s Green Thumb Nursery.

2016-10-18-07-58-42Foster Dickson, both the Creative Writing and English 12 teacher, has founded the garden in the winter of 2015, and the garden has had five growing seasons in the span of a year and a half. The School Garden’s “staff” is made up of a ragtag group of mostly tenth grade students who joined for reasons like “It looks interesting,” or “Why not?”

Samantha Ammeter, whose been a worked on the garden staff for a little more than a year, started on unintentionally. “My friend needed help, and I was asked to help weed and sheer pumpkins.” She enjoyed gardening, so she stuck around.

2016-10-18-07-49-23When asked why he started the garden, Mr. Dickson responded, “Mainly, I enjoy it, but I [also] wanted to show young people, who didn’t know, that you can grow your own food in a small plot.”

The planting season was “delayed due to record the record heat… the whole state of Alabama has been in a drought. We held off so that the fall and winter crops wouldn’t burn.” But as of Tuesday they began their planting of: Georgia collards, Jade Cross brussel sprouts, pac choi, Fast Vantage cabbages, and a variety of beets. 2016-10-18-07-58-38


The National Garden Association needs program sponsors!

The National Garden Association (NGA) needs your help to influence a world where kids know the value of health, nature, and life. The possibilities are endless for a person to become a sponsor of an NGA program and to promote gardening one student, one school, and one community at a time.

The NGA  is known for educating students in areas of healthy diet, the environmental, and scientific agriculture. The organization aids students in making better choices within nature’s domain, giving them a sense of understanding of Mother Earth and the beauty that comes along with it.

The NGA has awarded grants to more than 10,000 youth programs in fifteen different countries. These grants given have helped nearly two million young gardeners around the globe, 66% of them from low-income families. The program is designed to work with the schedules, incomes, and budgets of the families of kids that are a part of NGA. The vision and mission of the National Garden Association are to promote healthy lifestyles and to provide a garden in every school.