Two High School Literary Magazines

Aerie International magazine is holding a contest that is opened to all high school students with a passion for writing, art, and photography, but the contest is going to be coming to an end soon. Its deadline is tomorrow: February 1. Aerie International only has one issue every year, so if you are planning on sending your work, you have to do that very soon!  Aerie’s categories include: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual arts, and photography. They will announce results in the late spring or early summer, and the awards for the winners will be publication in their national high school literary magazine. 

Though there is not much time to submit to Aerie International, you do still have plenty of time to submit to Polyphony HS magazine, another national high school literary magazine, which is open only to high school students in grades 9 through 12. The categories include: poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction, and their deadline is May 31. They will be announcing acceptances in September, during the next school year.