#showcase2018: the PTSA at #btwmagnet

Booker T. Washington Magnet High School’s annual Showcase is an all-in community effort. Of course, everyone knows that the students pull together for their performances and that the teachers pull together with their students ensure that those performances are the best that they can be. However, among those aspects of Showcase that the audiences don’t see – the technical theater magnet’s production work and the FAME Foundation’s coordination efforts – is the work done by the parents of the PTSA and the school’s academic teachers. (BTW Magnet adds the “S” to PTA, making ours not just a Parent-Teacher Association but a Parent-Teacher-Student Association.)

To put on a show this large, everyone has a job in Showcase. Parent volunteers from our PTSA provide logistical support backstage by helping out as chaperones, coordinating VIP ushers, and providing dinner and snacks for the student performers during evening rehearsals. In addition, BTW Magnet’s academic teachers are also integral to the performance. For example, history teacher Lincoln Gravatt manages the crowded dressing-room area and sends the performers to the stage area when they are called by science teacher Colin Gill.

About these roles, current PTSA president Donna Brock said, ” Parental involvement and support is vital to to the success of our annual Showcase. It takes a village to put on Showcase. We need volunteers to serve as chaperones, ushers, and help with the ticket booth. Parents, teachers, and community members often serve in that capacity.  PTSA is happy to assist to ensure Showcase runs smoothly.”