“newsprung” is springing into the new.

newsprung is in the new!

The staff of newsprung in the creative writing magnet at Booker T. Washington Magnet High School have updated our methods of getting the information to our audience. We have now created accounts on Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram, and are currently creating a Twitter as another piece in the new media puzzle. (We hope to have that available in the coming weeks.) With these new additions to our blog, we hope to reach new viewers and increase our involvement with the community.

As our original source, our blog will always be published first on the newsprung website. which can be found at newsprung.wordpress.com. You can always follow us here.

One of our new additions is a direct feed onto Tumblr, which will allow our blog to be shared with a wider audience. This can be accessed via newsprung.tumblr.com. That’s another option for following newsprung.

The third new advance we are instituting is the use of Instagram. Instagram is image-based and will allow followers smaller views of the articles recently posted, We will also keep followers updated on events where we will be attending and performing. Our username there is @booktw_cw.

The final source of new media where you can connect to newsprung is Facebook. Facebook is usually for older audiences and will reach out to the adults and be easier to share with followers. Our page name is simply newsprung: art & writing in the deep south.

Our forthcoming addition, which is now a work in progress, to this new media expansion will be an account on Twitter, which is more text-based, rather than image-based like Instagram. We will have more news on that when it is available.


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