Congratulations to Medalists in Scholastic Art & Writing!

Congratulations to all of the medalists in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards! The winners were chosen from all around the US and Canada and will be given their medals during the award ceremony at Carnegie Hall in June. Some of the awards include Gold Medals, Silver Medals, Silver Medals with Distinction, Best-in-Grade Educator Awards, New York Life Awards, American Voices Medals, and and American Visions Medals.

The program was founded in 1923 to acknowledge “the vision, ingenuity and talent of our nation’s youth” and has “provided opportunities for creative teens to be celebrated.” Their sponsors include The New York Times, Scholastic, and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Though the winners list is extensive — it’s 130 pages long! — with many honors awarded, we would like to extend a special congratulations to the following Gold Medal recipients, as well as their teachers, from the Deep South:

from Alabama:
Sally Bae and Elizabeth Black (Painting)
Daniel Blokh and Isibeal Owens (Personal Essay & Memoir)
Tori Ellis (Short Story)
Isibeal Owens (Poetry)
Nicholas Patton, Charles Skinner, and Alex Swoboda (Photography)

from Georgia:
Isabel Aboderin, Lily Bencich, Elizabeth Bentley, Kerah Davis, Julia Dickson-Lah, Gavin Orth, and Henry Stuart (Photography)
Paul Ashley and Bronwyn Katz (Printmaking)
Erin Chakalos (Digital Art)
Allison Chan, Cade Cunningham, Odelia Huang, Haibei Ma, Lars Olsson, Tiffany Weng, and Arianne Zhang (Drawing & Illustration)
Rachel Chang, Amos Kang, June Lee, and Park Sae (Mixed Media)
Ryan Cheape (Design)
Hearhee Kang (Painting)
Bronwyn Katz (Art Portfolio)
Chihye Kim (Science Fiction & Fantasy)
Sanaa Malik (Jewelry)
Maite Nazario and Ellie Soh Jungah (Best In Grade in Painting)
Flora Smith (Dramatic Script)
Haocheng Wang (Future New)
Anna Wilkinson (Poetry)
Minjung Yu (Flash Fiction)

from Lousiana:
Jade Grimes (Short Story)
Charis Johnson (Film & Animation)
Esperanza Milla and Beatrice Zhang (Poetry)
Akilah Toney (Poetry, Best In Grade)
Lizette Toto (Photography)

from Mississippi:
Shelly Castilaw and Sydeny Lucero (Flash Fiction)
Jeremy Donahue and Michelle Reid (Drawing & Illustration)
Anderson Nixon (Design)
Bhakti Patel 12 (Photography)

from South Carolina:
Logan Baker, Vicky Brown, Kiran Narula, Roey Leonardi, Emily Ling, Bojena Sabin (Short Story)
Olivia Bennett, Mary Gilden, (Ceramics & Glass)
Hannah Burton, Adriana Carter, Helen Coats, Samuel Gee, Diana Oxner, (Personal Essay & Memoir)
Jenning Chen (Photography)
Alex Clifford, Maclean Hueske, Kathleen Kittrell, Cheyenne Koth, Charlotte Shuler, and Layla Wheelon (Poetry)
Mia Johnson (Printmaking)
Olivia Julich (Mixed Media)
Roey Leonardi (Flash Fiction)
Christina Lewis (Gedenk Award, Poetry)
Jamison Rankin (Best In Grade in Personal Essay & Memoir)
Nicole Salazar and Clarke Wilson (Drawing & Illustration)
Lucinda Siegler(Comic Art)
Nicholas Turgeon (Mixed Media)

*For a full list of the winners, click here.


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