It’s hard to say that the art of poetry is dying, but the world is moving to more modern media for entertainment: movies, reality TV shows, streaming. But there are organizations that are working to keep this beautiful art form alive!

The Academy of American Poetry‘s mission is to “foster an appreciation for contemporary poetry and support American poets”. On the organization’s front page, their Chancellor, Khaled Mattawa, is quoted as saying:

“Testing and expanding the language is part of writing poetry and poetic renewal. There’s never been a poetic revolution that was purely indigenous, that was not touched by translation or multilingualism.'”

To accomplish their mission, the Academy of American Poetry offers programs such as Poem-A-Day, National Poetry Month in April, and the American Poets Prizes.

Among those programs is the Dear Poet Project, an educational initiative that offers students in grades 5 through 12 a chance to listen to a poem read by the poet, then to write that poet a letter responding to the poem. The project’s webpage on offers more information for both students and teachers, including a lesson plan that is aligned with the Common Core standards.

Poetry is a special gift that most of humanity now takes for granted. It needs to be appreciated for the value it truly possesses. So visit to get inspired today!


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