Alabama’s Original Poetry winner in Poetry Out Loud

Congratulations to Maggie Stewart, a senior at Good Hope High School in Cullman, for winning the Original Poetry competition at Alabama’s state finals for Poetry Out Loud. Stewart has participated in Poetry Out Loud‘s anthology competition for four years and their original competition for three years. Her poetry is spontaneous and doesn’t follow any rules.

“I like to write it as if I’m already preforming rather than having something written out and then trying to figure out how I plan on saying it,” she said. Maggie appears to have a strong preference for alliteration.

This was Maggie’s first year placing in the original category of Poetry Out Loud. She’s stated that while she enjoys deciphering other writers, her original poetry is what has allowed her to cope with her troubles and hear her own voice. Maggie was ecstatic when she found out that her poetry made it to the state finals. She admits that while winning was a great accomplishment for her, she was happier to have her poetry out in the world for everyone to hear.


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