We CAN do it!

Imagine a canned food drive. Can you picture it? Now imagine a sculpture. That looks much better, doesn’t it? If only beautiful sculptures could donate food to charity . . .  Actually, now they can!

Canstruction is an international nonprofit organization that builds sculptures out of cans of food and then donates all of the cans to charity organizations after the art has been exhibited. They also help people around the world host their own Canstruction exhibitions or competitions. Professional architects, design students, elementary school students, and everyday volunteers have all made amazing creations out of cans, including chameleons, hogs, towers, and hands.

Canstruction Jr. is a new program from Canstruction, which allows school systems such as Tuscaloosa City Schools to hold their own competitions or exhibitions of can art. This gives students hands-on experience with design and construction while solving a real-world problem. The fact that the students involved are also giving back to the community by donating all of the cans of food used to charities makes the whole thing even better!

Recently, five- to eighteen-year-olds from the Tuscaloosa City School Sistrict worked hard on their own can art competition. This year’s event was the third annual. They exhibited their “Cansculptures” from Tuesday, February 28 ’til Friday, March 3, and on Friday, there was an awards ceremony and public reception to announce the winners of the three awards: Most Creative, Best Meal, and Student’s Choice. After the exhibition was over, all of the cans will be donated to charity. The exhibition was located in The Arts Council Gallery at the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center, at the corner of 7th and Greensboro Avenue in downtown Tuscaloosa.

Congratulations to the students in Tuscaloosa City Schools!


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