Black History Poetry Slam @ ASU

On February 23, the Rehab Services Club at Alabama State University held a Black History Poetry Slam in the lecture hall of the Buskey building on campus. To enter, there was a small donation of a dollar, which went to help students in the Rehab Services Club who recently got into a car accident.

Aside from collecting the donations, the president of the club, a student named Mallory, told me, “We use opportunities like this to get students out who have written poetry and want to share it.”

The participants in the poetry slam recited their own pieces as well as pieces by other writers, such as Maya Angelou’s poem “Still I Rise.” Mallory, who also participated, wrote an exciting piece dedicated to her friend, telling her to stay strong when times become difficult. The winner of the poetry slam read his own piece about what it means to be African-American and the difficulties that come with it.

winnersAlthough there were only three winners, all participants and audience members received the gift of being able to share words that inspired them.and the prize of being able to experience touching poetry with powerful meanings.The winners received gift cards, cash prizes, and snacks.


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