Coming Soon: “Hairy, Scary, but Mostly Merry Fairies!”

Coming in March, Hairy, Scary, but Mostly Merry Fairies! will be hitting the shelves in both physical copies and digital copies that can be purchased at NewSouth Books. Written by Renee Simmons Raney, this book “mixes the real world and the world of magic so seamlessly,” said Jordan Fisher Smith, author of Engineering Eden, and Twig C. George, author of the Pocket Guide to the Outdoors, said that it is “a great way of encouraging kids to get out and really look at their natural world.”

The author of Hairy, Scary, but Mostly Merry Fairies!, Renee Simmons Raney served as the Assistant Director of Jacksonville State University Field Schools for twelve years and as the Director of Education for the Anniston Museum of Natural History for ten years. She is one of Alabama’s international storytellers and has performed stories from her first book, Calico Ghosts, to audiences in twelve states and three countries. She has also received awards from her work in environmental education, like the Roosevelt Ashe Southeastern U.S. Outstanding Educator in Conservation, US Forest Service Interpretation and Outdoor Program Awards, JSU Dean’s Service Award, and an Excellence in Environmental Education award from Oxford University.

fairy-house-closeIn 2015, Renee Simmons Raney was hired to start a new conservative and environmental education program at the Georgia-Alabama Land Trust.  Her philosophy is: “Nature is out there waiting for you . . . walk bare-footed in the grass, catch a lightning bug, go fishing, splash a mud puddle . . . build a fairy house beneath a big twisted oak tree!”

According to NewSouth Books’ webpage on the book, it “includes activities that encourage families and school classes to explore their natural surroundings and to engage in imaginative play, and it offers a multi-generational remedy for curing nature deficiency.”

Hairy, Scary, but Mostly Merry Fairies! will retail for $15.95 in paperback.

*Photos courtesy of Renee Simmons Raney.


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