“Of Human Bonds” @ CANO & PhotoNOLA

New Orleans, Louisiana has certainly had many photography exhibitions over the years, and now it has produced a new one, “Of Human Bonds,” which presents photos by three photographers: Marti Corn, Joe Quint, and Ashley Lorraine. “Of Human Bonds” showcases the struggles that are happening in everyday life and shows that peace should be made.

The exhibition is being held at the Creative Space in the Myrtle Banks Building, and it is open daily from 9:00 AM ’til 5:00 PM. The best part is that the cost is totally free!

houstonrefugeemasadaportraitPhotographer Marti Corn ties into the exhibition’s theme with her series “Out of Darkness”, which is about refugees who have survived outside their camps, along with the people that gave a helping hand.

joequintittakesusJoe Quint‘s series “It Takes Us” shows the sky-rocketing gun violence in America and shows the lives of people that have been affected by that violence.

ashley-lorraine_blackmeninamerica_unjustAshley Lorraine‘s pieces are tied under what she calls “Black Men in America,” which displays freedom and equality.

The “Of Human Bonds” exhibition will last until February 28.

*Images reproduced with permission.




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