Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

reisinger-zorn-BMAOn February 2, Nan Skier will come to Birmingham Museum of Art to tell stories about some of the museum’s art pieces in “If Walls Could Talk, Part I.” The event is from 10:30 ’til 11:30 AM, and it costs $10 for members and $15 for non-members.

Skier, a trustee and docent of BMA, and her husband have collected many different art works over the years, including over one hundred eye miniatures, known as “lover’s eyes,” painted on ivory.

According to the museum’s website, 

“On the walls of artists’ studios, auction house and gallery showrooms, and private collectors’ homes, the BMA’s collection has witnessed many things and has countless tales to tell.”

Skier will tell stories of people’s lives who are not well known because there was no one there to listen. She has acquired information about the history of some of the paintings and about the people who have owned them.

For more information you can check the Birmingham Museum of Art’s webpage about the event

The image above is “Portrait of Hugo Reisinger by Anders Zorn (Stockholm, 1907). Reproduced courtesy of the Birmingham Museum of Arts.


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