Wilcox County, Black and White

throughawomaseyeThe book, Through A Woman’s Eye, showcases black-and-white photographs from Alabama’s Black Belt that were taken by the late Edith Morgan, who lived and taught in Camden. After graduating from the Chicago Art Institute, Morgan returned home with her camera, and these photographs provide glimpses into the history and insights into the lives of the people who lived there in the early 1900s.

Marian Perdue Furman, a professional photographer who works in Alabama’s Black Belt, discovered the photos and wrote a preface and introductory essay for the book, which also has a foreword by Jacksonville State history professor Harvey H. “Hardy” Jackson III.

“Over 20 years ago I came upon an old photo album of these photos. They had been photographed, printed and assembled into the album by Edith Morgan over 100 years ago. I knew I had stumbled upon a historical and artistic treasure. With permission I made professional copies of each photo. From that time my hope was to have them printed in book form for all to enjoy and learn from. The photos are rich in historical and artistic value,” Furman told me.

In Through a Woman’s Eye, images from Morgan’s everyday life show the contrasts between the lives of whites and blacks in that region and at that time. It is available from NewSouth Books for $29.95.

*Read Elmore DeMott’s review of Through a Woman’s Eye in the Montgomery Advertiser.


The Alabama School of Fine Arts’ creative writing competitions

The Alabama School of Fine Arts’ Creative Writing department has opened up their writing competitions to start off the new year. They are featuring two competitions that include the Young Writer’s Literary Awards for junior high schoolers and the Aspiring Poets, which is open to high school poets in regions of Alabama: Birmingham Metro, Northeast, Central-east, and Southeast regions. Guidelines can be viewed on their website.

The finalists will be featured in the Alabama’s School of Fine Art’s literary magazine, Cadence, alongside their own students’ original works. Cash prizes will also be distributed among the winners: first place $100, second place $50, and third place $25.

These competitions and their literary magazine are designed to promote and recognize young, aspiring writers in Alabama.

Submissions are to be mailed to the Alabama School of Fine Arts, 1800 Rev. Abraham Woods, Jr. Blvd., Birmingham, AL 35203. All entries are due by February 24.