New Community Garden @ St. Jude Catholic Church

The Ladies of Charity chapter at St. Jude Catholic Church reached out in their community to add a touch of green to the lives of the seniors who stay in the nearby St. Jude Apartments, by creating a new community garden for the residents. The Ladies of Charity at St. Jude were included in the Catholic Week newspaper in November for the project, which was designed to provide fresh, nutritious produce for the seniors living there.

image3When people refer to St. Jude, they commonly call it the City of St. Jude. (I regularly visit “the City” for Sunday Mass, and I honestly enjoy going there.) On the campus, there is a high school, a museum, senior apartments, and of course, the church. The founder of the church was Father Harold Purcell, who created this beautiful “city” in 1934 and with it, a vision to make it a “center for the religious, charitable, educational and industrial advancement of the Negro people.” The City of St. Jude has become this and much more.


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