BTW Creative Writing’s Poetry Reading, December 8

Booker T. Washington Magnet High School will be holding its annual poetry reading on Thursday, December 8 at The Sanctuary at 7:00 PM, with seating starting at 6:30. Readers will include the school’s 9th through 12th grade Creative Writing students.

I interviewed a couple of the people who will be performing— some who’ve read before and some new faces. Creative Writing senior Asha McCall, who will be reading for the third time told me, “[I’m] probably gonna talk too fast, like I always do. Going to hope for the best. Whatever happens happens.”

For Stephanie Lopez, who is in her first year at BTW, had a similar, though more timid response. She said, “I’m nervous. This is my first year in the poetry reading, but I’m hoping for the best.”

Grace Bowles, a senior who promised Creative Writing teacher Foster Dickson that she would read in the poetry reading at least once during her time in the program, just said, “I’m scared.”

The admission fee for entering The Sanctuary to hear the reading will be one nonperishable food item, or at least one dollar, for the Montgomery Area Food Bank.


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