The World of Glass Making

The park in Northport, Alabama where the 45th annual Kentuck Festival of the Arts was held is such a beautiful place during the fall. Kentuck is one of the top art festivals  in the country and features over 200 artists from all over the United States. People also come from all over to buy paintings, woodwork, glass, photography, pottery, fiber art, jewelry, mixed media art, and metalwork. If that weren’t enough, there is even a children’s area with a free musical petting zoo and crafts. (You can also tie-dye a t-shirt for $5.00.)

Among these artists was second-generation glass blower Kimka Jones, who lives in Houston Texas, though she was born in Greene, Iowa. Jones has been featured in multiple magazines and art shows. She has a shop on Etsy and sells her works under the business name Imbroglio Glass. (The word “imbroglio” means a chaotic tangle, which she describes as similar to her work.)

Jones got into glass-blowing from her parents, who were both worked with glass, and she has been displaying work at art shows with her parents since she was eight years old.

“I wanted to make a living doing something creative and in this medium, [being] raised by glass artists.”

Glass making has impacted Jones’ life in a positive way: she has traveled all over the world, while selling her artwork and making people happy. The inspiration that comes to her the most is from the color of the glass.

Though the first item that she ever made was a pendant, her favorite thing to make is a sconce, which is a lamp hanging from the wall. A small lamp takes Jones about two to three days to complete.

Jones uses a kiln to heat the glass to 2,000° F, then she cuts cuts the pieces of glass and melts them. She uses different types of glass, depending on the object she is making.

This was Kimka Jones’ first year displaying at Kentuck, and she told me that liked it. Some of her friends have done the show and told her about the festival, but her favorite things about Kentuck are that it is such a beautiful place, and that it has wonderful people who come.


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