Kentuck: Dawn Middleton

Underneath the thin shade of the towering pine trees, I interviewed the talented jeweler Dawn Middleton.  She was a charming woman with a bright personality and a proud demeanor.

Middleton’s story is one of a woman from a decidedly un-glamorous background, who is fascinated with nature’s beauty. When she was a child, Middleton was enraptured with the Earth’s natural beauty. This love is reflected in her jewelry, which showcases the simplistic beauty of nature and her surroundings.

She later worked for Ford Motor Company for fourteen years, part of which she worked as a welder. She eventually returned to school to become an interior designer, then took her newfound love of design with her when she started making jewelry in 2009.

At first, it was just entering local art and craft fairs, but by 2013, Middleton was entering fine art shows. In 2014, she juried into Indiana Artisan, which represents the highest quality works in that state. (All of her jewelry is made in her studio in Greenville, Indiana.) This year was her first time at the Kentuck Festival of the Arts.

Crafted with a clear image in mind, Middleton’s designs are not overly complicated or outrageous. They are all simple to the casual eye, but if one looks closely, they will see the minuscule details she puts into her jewelry.

In her work, she uses her skills in design and welding to create jewelry. The tools of her trade include a variety of stones, ranging from everyday natural stones to precious and semi-precious ones. The metals she uses include fine silver, sterling silver, bronze, brass, and copper.

To learn more about Dawn Middleton and her jewelry, you can visit her website.


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