Poem: “Above the Storm”

This poem was sent to us by Daria Selkirk, a student at Briarwood Christian Academy. The poem’s imagery and metaphors combine to evoke sympathy for the speaker’s situation.

Above the Storm

It was an interesting combination, the relief and rage
reflected in my brother’s eyes,
Relief at the momentary and ever fleeting freedom.
The low gray ceilings of an airplane, confining to most,
represented our sanctuary.
The whispy cotton-like clouds passing the window,
a reminder, that up here
we were free.
But the dull hum of the plane’s engine
could not drown out my brother’s whisper.
The cracks in his voice, filled with betrayal
as he described Mom’s house or Dad’s house.
Yet up here shielded by the cold metal seat buckle,
there was no choice; no mom, no dad.
Only the crinkling of pretzel wrappings and dry airplane air.
Eventually the plane ride would end.
The boarding pass wrinkled
in our young pudgy hands, held our sentence.
Which parent we’d deal with next,
Whose expectant cries would puncture our peace.
But here, with the vibration of the plane under my feet
and a weeks worth of clothes in the luggage space,
I had only my little brother, and I’d keep him safe.

We are looking forward to receiving more submissions from talented young writers around the Deep South.


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