Pike Road Arts & Crafts Fair

This Saturday, November 5, the Pike Road Civic and Community Club is having their 50th annual Pike Road Arts & Crafts Fair. The event began fifty years ago when several families in the Pike Road community started making and selling homemade goods.

“Some of the ladies would even find cow skulls in the pastures, clean them up real good and sell them or wild flowers, which were dried and put into picture frames to sell.  The husbands would cook BBQ, the ladies would cook collard greens and turnip greens, and put together sandwiches, all from their homes.” said Rhonda Tatum, Chairman of the Pike Road Arts & Crafts Fair.

Later, one of the ladies, Mrs. Julia Norris, came up with the idea of spreading the word to let everyone have a taste of the countryside. The Pike Road Arts & Crafts Flea Market was then born. The Bartlett family, who were original members of the organization, moved it to the Marks House. Over the years, the name changed to the Pike Road Arts & Crafts Fair, and more and more artists and craftspeople from other areas were invited to attend.

“We now  have well over 200 vendors and over 12,000 people from all over come to Pike Road, Alabama every first Saturday of November for ‘a great day in the country’!” Tatum said with pride.

The Fair will be hosted, as usual, at the Historic Marks House from 9:00 AM ’til 4:00 PM, with more than 250 artists and craft vendors there. Beside homemade sweets and food booths, there will be antiques, jewelry, stained glass, woodwork, Christmas items, and more. Admission is $5.00 at the gate, though if purchased in advance it will only cost $3.00. Children under 8 are admitted free.

For additional information, please contact the Pike Road Civic and Community Club.


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  1. Cindy J Carnes · June 12, 2017

    I am trying to reach Rhonda Tatum. She was in my shop in Pigeon Forge recently & was interested in one of my touch lamps I was out of. I now have it available, but the email address that’s written down for me is not sending. Please have Rhonda contact me if she is still interested in the lamp. Thank you, Cindy Carnes -865-934-8784
    ziggyscents@gmail.com Stardust Candles


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