Good Food,  Good Teaching 

Birmingham’s Jones Valley Teaching Farm (JVTF) focuses on helping children learn about farming. According to their website:

Good School Food (GSF) is JVTF’s primary program. GSF is a Pre-K–12 food education model that connects students to food through cross-curricular, standards-based content during the school day. GSF is unique in its approach to food education in public schools in that we provide schools with state-of-the-art teaching farms and full-time staff, known as GSF Instructors, who work with school faculty to develop dynamic programs and curricula. The outcomes of the GSF model are improved student learning and access to healthy food at the school level. 

This initiative is not only for schools, it’s also for the community. The teaching farm is a non-profit organization promoting good, healthy food while encouraging children to be critical thinkers who work for change in their community. Examples of past projects can be found on JVTF’s Project-Based Learning page.

JVTF has five “Farm Labs” across Birmingham to teach students in Pre-K through 8th grade more about farming. They also have Woodland High School Urban Farm and a downtown farm.

Jones Valley is open Monday through Friday from  9:00 AM ’til 5:00 PM.  For more information on their mission and and their work, visit their website.



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