The National Garden Association needs program sponsors!

The National Garden Association (NGA) needs your help to influence a world where kids know the value of health, nature, and life. The possibilities are endless for a person to become a sponsor of an NGA program and to promote gardening one student, one school, and one community at a time.

The NGA  is known for educating students in areas of healthy diet, the environmental, and scientific agriculture. The organization aids students in making better choices within nature’s domain, giving them a sense of understanding of Mother Earth and the beauty that comes along with it.

The NGA has awarded grants to more than 10,000 youth programs in fifteen different countries. These grants given have helped nearly two million young gardeners around the globe, 66% of them from low-income families. The program is designed to work with the schedules, incomes, and budgets of the families of kids that are a part of NGA. The vision and mission of the National Garden Association are to promote healthy lifestyles and to provide a garden in every school.


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