EAT South’s new farmer

With the recent departure of farmer Jetson Brown from Montgomery’s Downtown Farm, I reached out to EAT South‘s Interim Executive Director, Beth Anne Dunagan, to ask, “Are you guys looking for a new farmer?”

She replied, “We actually have new farmer– Caylor Roling. She started mid-June and has been a wonderful addition to our staff. She comes from Portland, Oregon where she has spent the last few years helping farmers market and sell their food.”

When I also asked her about the future of EAT South, Dunagan replied, “This is sort of a broad question. We are currently focusing on the continuation of our main programs while looking to the best meet the needs of the Montgomery community in the future. Each year we are working with new schools and adding new restaurants to our client list. We are honored to be loved and supported by our community!”

According to their website, their “main programs” look like this:

In 2012, EAT South established itself as a non-profit and have since commenced six school garden programs (in five schools) through our Sprouts program which provides garden-based education to students and professional development for teachers.

Their next event will be “Fall Into Gardening,” at the Downtown Farm, on September 17 from 9:00 AM until noon.


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