Jones Valley Teaching Farm: Tours

Birmingham, Alabama’s Jones Valley Teaching Farm offers tours. They do ask for a donation, depending on the size of the group. According to their website:

We offer farm tours Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9am to 5pm as our schedule allows. Farm tours are led by our farm staff, last about forty five minutes, and do not include harvesting produce or volunteer work.



The New Republic on hating poetry

Last week, The New Republic published a thoughtful review of Ben Lerner’s new book, The Hatred of Poetry, with the slightly less auspicious titleĀ “What’s the Matter with Poetry?” In it, activist-poet Ken Chen attempts to dissect Lerner’s assertions about the relationship between poetry, with all of its high and lofty ideals, and the politics of everyday life. Chen’s review, which contains links to several other thoughtful commentaries on modern poetry’s role in society, gives English and creative writing teachers some things to think about, as we educate the next generation of poets.