Nancy Thorp winners from the Deep South!

Congratulations to all of the young poets from the Deep South who were honored in Hollins University’s annual Nancy Thorp Poetry Contest. Students from schools all around the region were recognized from among more than 1,000 entries, including this year’s First Place winner, Isabel Houck, from the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities.

Among the five Runners-Up were Kindall Gant, of the Lusher Charter School in New Orleans; and Kathryn Haggett, from the Alabama School of Fine Arts.

Within the group of eight students who were named both Finalists and Honorable Mentions, two were from Deep Southern schools: Sophie Evans, of the Lusher Charter School; and Emily Ling, of the South Carolina Governor’s School.

The group of nine Finalists included Joyce DeCerce, from the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida; Nellie Hildebrandt, from the South Carolina Governor’s School; and Madeline Richards, from Lusher Charter School.

Finally, the somewhat-longer list of Honorable Mentions also contains names of students from the Alabama School of Fine Arts, The South Carolina Governor’s School, the Fine Arts Center (Greenville, SC), The Atlanta Girls’ School, NOCCA, the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, and Lusher Charter School.

Congratulations to these young poets and their teachers!


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