Earlier today, at a ceremony at the state capitol, our little ‘zine Graphophobia was honored as a co-winner for “Exceptional Literary Content” in the Literary Magazine category the Alabama Writers Forum‘s High School Literary Arts Awards. We are very proud to have Graphophobia alongside the Alabama School of Fine Arts’ magazine Cadence, the other co-winner.

Graphophobia2015coverTo enter, a school must send two years worth of back issues, which this year meant that we sent the Spring 2015 and Spring 2014 issues. Congratulations to editors Keandra Pope (2015) and Micaela Walley (2014) for this honor!

Since its inception in 2004, Graphophobia has been honored by the Alabama Writers Forum for Excellence in Graphic Design, by the National Council of Teachers of English for literary content, and by the Iowa High School Press Association in its national literary magazine competition.Graphophobia2014cover

Further congratulations go to senior Makayla Smith, who was awarded the Ruth and Joy Ott Senior Portfolio Scholarship at the ceremony today.



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