The School Garden, in late winter

As winter comes to an end, with the equinox about two weeks away, our little school garden is rocking along, though with mixed success. Our fig tree is just beginning to bud, and the rosemary is hearty and growing.

collards March 7 2016

We’ve got two beds of collards. Most are doing well, but two plants died, and two others are wilty.
cabbages March 7 2016Out cabbages – two kinds – are doing really well.

kale March 7 2016Most of the kale survived the cold, but we did lose some

new planting March 7 2016And in an optimistic mood, we planted cannas and Mexican petunias along the fence line. Both should split and spread and make a nice curtain between the garden and the city traffic on the other side of the fence.

We’re also in process now in building our ten-by-eight metal shed for our tools and supplies. We’ve had our tools (wheelbarrow, shovels, etc.) for some time but we’ve been having to keep them in an upstairs classroom, so they aren’t laying all over the ground. Getting the shed built and moving the tools down the garden will make all the difference in getting our work done.

On the down side, our broccoli didn’t do much, and though our romaine lettuce seemed to have succumbed to the cold, it did just spring up this week!


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