The School Garden, mid-autumn

We’ve got a fairly modest amount in our school garden this fall. We’re not full speed ahead yet, since we’re in the second stage of construction and development. The beds and compost bin were built last spring, and this fall we’ve been focused on procuring tools and a shed to put them in. Yet, we didn’t neglect to plant a few things: onions, collards, dusty millers, and decorative cabbages. We’ve also got some pumpkin vines, but we planted them so late . . . frankly, I don’t really expect them to produce anything.



dusty millers

2015-11-16 13.02.27

A few of last summer’s items have carried over, too. With all of the warm weather this fall, our basil is plugging along, and a few little orange peppers still appear on that plant.



Rather than digging those up and relegating them to the compost, we moved them into containers and got a few more months out of them. This fall, the nice weather and ample rain have really made the biggest challenge keeping the grass cut!


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