Fanaticon with Bruce Ballister

There aren’t many conventions for geek, gamer, and anime culture in the Deep South (other than Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia). However, there is one small convention in  small town in the southern part of the Alabama, Ozark’s annual Fanaticon. It takes up the town’s small civic center in mid-November, and on that weekend, it is filled to the brim with aspiring artists, film junkies, miscellaneous vendors, and Southern writers.

As the most recent event, held on November 11 and 12, I spoke with Bruce Ballister, one of the writers there. Ballister is an upstanding man with a career in ecological development who also writes works of science fiction that are intensive and heavy on facts.

“I hate that sci-fi stuff that doesn’t have any science in it, I care a lot about that part of it,” Ballister explained.

Switching our discussion from ecological development to writing must be tough, I asked how Ballister improves his writing.

“Every day, I’ll point to two random words on a page, then write a short story about them,” he said.

After Ballister told me about this, I tried this method, and it works as a fairly difficult yet rewarding exercise.

For more information on Bruce Ballister and his novels, look no further than his website.